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  • Gesundheit!

    Why do our elders say ‘God bless you’, when we sneeze?

    L. Srujathi , Bengaluru, Karnataka

    The practice of blessing someone when they sneeze dates back as far as at least AD 77, though it is probably far older than one can account for. Some have offered an explanation suggesting that people once believed that a person’s soul could be thrown from their bodies when they sneezed, and that sneezing otherwise opened the body to invasion by the Devil or evil spirits, or that sneezing was the body’s attempt to force out an invading evil presence. Hence, “God bless you” was used as a shield against evil. Moreover, t was believed that the heart stopped beating when one sneezed.
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  • Let them drip…

    Why are human tears salty?

    Anjali Kumari , Begusarai, Bihar

    Tears are classified into basal, reflex and psychic tears. The salinity and chemical composition in each of these types differ. Basal tears are responsible to keep the cornea of the eye moist; reflex tears are produced eye irritation; psychic tears are produced during weeping. Tears contain greater quantities of water along with other organic and inorganic chemical components such as mucin, lipids, lysozyme, lactoferrin, lipocalin, lactritin, sodium and potassium. Of these, sodium and potassium attribute to salinity.
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  • Flagging off culture

    Why do we need a national flag?

    Pallavi , Bengaluru, Karnataka

    Long, long ago, people had decorated spears or staffs that showed their cultural symbols. Later, people used ribbons, leather or silk decorations on their spears to distinguish one group from another. Over time, people started using flags to show that they belong to one particular community, organisation, or nation. A flag is symbolic of the fact that we adhere to a belief, goal, rules, and so on. A flag is a national symbol. It also shows possession over land and people- proclaiming sovereignty.
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  • Birds of a feather…

    Why do birds fly in bird formation?

    S. Anuradha , Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh

    When the bird in front flaps its wings, a vortex of air directly behind is pushed downwards. This is called downwash. This causes a pressure difference with the air below the wings being higher pressure than the air above. As we know, air moves from the region of high pressure to a region of lower pressure (known as upper wash). The bird in another bird’s upwash has to spend less energy to fly as it is being pushed upwards by the upwash bird in front. The pressure difference increases as it goes towards the end of the V-formation, so the birds at the back spend very less energy than the birds at the front.
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