Selfie in the jungle

  • POSTED ON: 13 Apr, 2019
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Google was a jungle on an island. With all its modern facilities, it was more like a tiny town.

Google was ruled by a lion called Gizmo who was crazy about the latest gadgets. He had recently acquired a smartphone and fallen in love with its uses. He now spent most of his time clicking selfies with his wife Gazebo and his twins Geez and Goz.

One day, his most trusted friend, Twitter, the cuckoo, said, “O King! Why don’t we have a contest in Google?”

Gizmo, who was taking a selfie sitting on a rock and grinning to himself asked, “What kind of a contest?”

“It is your birthday tomorrow. On this great occasion let us have a ‘Best Selfie Contest’. All the animals can participate. You will be the judge and the winner will get a chance to take a selfie with you.”

“Sounds great, Twitter. Go ahead and organise it.”


The next day, the animals gathered in front of Gizmo’s cave. One by one they took selfies with his smartphone. Each animal was allowed two attempts. Twitter kept the score.

Angoor, the langur was among the first. He held the phone with his tail and raised it as high as it would go. He then turned his head, smiled and clicked.

Poor Hip-hop the hippo tried to imitate Angoor but her little tail could hardly rise to the occasion. So, all that appeared in the picture was her huge backside!

Jeera, the giraffe, with his eight-foot long tail, clicked a couple of times and was greeted with a round of claps.

Zee, the chimpanzee held the cell in his hand and tried to click while jumping from one branch to the other. The phone fell from his hands but was caught in mid air by Viral, the eagle. Gizmo was furious with Zee and disqualified him.

The last contestant was Megabite, the elephant. He picked up the cell in his trunk and raising it, clicked. He then wrapped his tail round the phone and took another shot.

And the winner is…

It was now time for the results.

“Guys, it was great fun. I think all of you did a wonderful job, except of course the one who got too ambitious.”

There was a huge applause.

“It was not difficult for me to pick up the winner. There was only one animal who could get two completely different angles — one from the front and the other from the back — Megabite the Elephant. He is the winner and will be crowned the Selfie Samrat.”

The animals clapped their paws, beat their hooves and thumped their tails.

“Dear Gizmo, we have organised a special gift for you, which we hope you’ll like,” Gazebo said, handing over a ‘selfie-stick’ to her husband.

“I love it,” Gizmo declared doing high-paws with his wife.

“And now coming to Megabite’s award! The only way he can take a selfie with me is if I get on his broad back,” Gizmo said and everyone laughed.

Megabite went down on his knees and Gizmo climbed up.

A few minutes later the most unique selfie in history was taken. Gizmo was on Megabite’s back, the selfie stick in the elephant’s grip and the king and the winner were grinning from ear to ear and posing trunk to tail.


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