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  • POSTED ON: 9 Mar, 2019
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Do you know that there are numerous mysterious places here on earth? These spots are an enigma.

Take for example, the Nazca Lines in Peru that were scratched on the ground between 500 B.C. and A.D. 500. They are believed to have had ritual astronomical functions. Or, the Door to Hell in Turkmenistan. More than 40 years ago, a gaping, fiery crater opened up in the desert of northern Turkmenistan and it continues to burn.

We bring you five of them. Move the slider to discover more.

Lake Natron is a petrifying lake turning birds into stone. This salt and soda reservoir in Tanzania is extremely dangerous with soaring temperature and a pH value of 1 making it extremely acidic.

Devil’s Bridge, Germany: From anywhere you look at it, the bridge and its reflection on the water appear to form a perfect circle. The bridge is located a few hours away from Berlin.

Moai Statues, Easter Island, Chile: The now-barren island was once populated by the Rapa Nui civilisation and is home to around 6,000 permanent residents. It is famous for its 887 giant statues created by the Rapa Nui people. The figures are some of the strongest remaining evidence of the thriving civilisation.

Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, California: It is located in a remote valley between the Cottonwood and Last Chance Ranges. The Racetrack is a place of spectacular beauty and mystery. It is a playa, a dry lake bed, best known for its strange moving rocks. It looks like they “sailed” through the valley. The trails indicate that the rocks move when the floor is covered with soft mud after it rains.

Uluru, Australia is an enormous sandstone rock that is about 1,140 feet high. The Australians call it The Rock. They believe it is one of the last remaining homes of the creators of the earth.


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