Handmade with love

  • POSTED ON: 9 Feb, 2019
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  • POSTED BY: Madhumitha Srinivasan | Video: Jagadish Kumar TPM

Measure of love card

How much do you really love someone? Show them with this fun card.


•Card stock paper of any colour

•Thin strip of colour paper (about 20-30 cms long)



•Colour pencils/sketch pens


Step 1: Fold the card stock paper in half. Place your palm on one side, and trace your hand.

Step 2: Cut it out. You will be left with two cut-outs of your hand.

Step 3: Using the fan fold, fold the thin strip of paper. Write the message — “This much!” — on it as shown.

Step 4: Fold the strip and stick both ends between the hand cutouts. On the hand facing the top, write “I Love You”. Your card is ready.

Step 5: When you open your card, it will look like this. Whoever receives it will now be able to see how much you love them!


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