Eat for health

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A food group is a collection of foods that share similar nutritional properties. They are accordingly sorted into groups and a recommended daily serving of each group makes for a healthy diet.

A balanced diet is made up of the five food groups.
1 Carbohydrates: : Starchy foods such as pasta, rice, oats, potatoes, noodles, yam, green bananas, sweet potato, millet, couscous, breads and breakfasts cereals.
2 Protein: Meat, fish and eggs as well as vegetable protein, nuts, beans, peas and lentils.
3 Milk and dairy products: Milk, yogurt, milkshakes, cheese – both hard cheese and soft cheese.
4 Fruit and vegetables: Fresh as well as frozen and juices of fruits and vegetables.
5 Fats and sugars: Butter, margarine, cooking oils, cream, salad dressings, chocolate, crisps, sugary soft drinks, sweets, jam, cakes, pudding, biscuits and pastries.

Now, try your hand at this memory game and see how many groups you get right.


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