Children’s Day – Celebrating Childhood

  • This Children’s Day, Young World Club presented an exciting contest to celebrate childhood. Participants had to write a short and sweet message about what they love about being a child! The responses were tremendous and certainly made us miss our childhood. Presenting the winners of the contest! Scroll down to see what they had to say…





    “The best part of being child is that everyone loves you,Everyone cares for you. Everything is fair in childhood. Childhood comes once in life, childhood is just beautiful. The best part of life. The age of enjoying. “

    -Sanghamitra Chaudhari, Baramati


    “As a child I can put my hands on any things in the store which says ‘do not touch’ and reach out to things under the sofa where my parents can’t reach to.”

    -Kanav Reddy, Bengaluru



    “I receive lots of love from my parents and grandparents. They speak nicely with me even they are sad and fighting with each other. With kisses from my grandmother, I travel to school hugging my mother behind daily in her scooter and return home holding my grandpa’s hand. “

    -Harini J, Chennai


    “Being a child is a bliss. It also means we children can do many wondrous things like climbing up trees, running hither & thither, doing silly things, making funny faces which adults don’t do. We have the whole world for ourselves. This is what I love about being a child. Now, I wish I could stay as a child forever & ever.”

    -Saddhana, Salem


    “I can play with everyone in this age. I would learn many things from this age. You can play the slide over a thousand times without getting miserably bored. You didn’t need to wait for Halloween to dress up as Superman or Batman, everyday was your day. Running was easier and fun.You are not happy? Cry! Throw a tantrum! Lie down on the road, scream your lungs out!”

    -Siddharth, Tiruvallur


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