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    Why do ants seem to kiss each other when they meet?

    Claire Joseph , Ernakulam

    If you watch ants on a trail you might notice that they often touch each other with their antennae when they meet. The antenna is highly sensitive as it contains both the touch and smell organs. Each ant colony has a unique smell, so if there is an intruder they will be sniffed out. It’s their way of interacting — similar to how we shake hands or show our ID card at an entrance. They communicate through chemicals found on their exoskeleton which tell of their colony of origin, caste (worker, soldier, queen etc.) and so on.
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    How do underwater plants breathe?

    Shashank , Udupi

    All plants breathe in air through stomata, just as we breathe through our noses. Plants that float on the surface of the water, such as lotus and water lilies, have their stomata on top, so that they can absorb the air they need. Plants that live under water, such as sea grasses, take in carbon dioxide from the water. Some of these plants supplement their carbon dioxide intake by extending a few leaves to the surface.
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    Why do old people have loose and wrinkled skin?

    Ritika , Danapur

    The skin is made of three layers – the outer layer which we can see is the epidermis, the middle layer is the dermis and beneath that is the subcutaneous layer. When you’re young, your skin holds moisture and it stretches easily. The dermis has many elastic fibres called elastin as well as collagen. These help the skin look and feel young and wrinkle-free. As you get older, however, the dermis slowly loses its collagen and elastin. The fatty subcutaneous layer also loses fat over time, so eventually the skin gets thinner and the epidermis gets less moisture. This causes the epidermis to sag in areas, creating wrinkles.
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    Why should we switch off phones while travelling in aeroplanes?

    Jayashree B , Ballari

    All electronic devices, including cell phones, emit radio waves. If the radio waves have a frequency similar to that of the plane, it might disrupt the equipment in the cockpit. Also, when flying at a high altitude, cell phones send out stronger signals, and this may lead to a network congestion on the ground. Though no incidents have occurred, the rule is mainly a precautionary measure.
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