What is Young World Club 2.0?

  • POSTED ON: 9 Dec, 2017
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Happy Children’s Day! What better day to unveil the new, improved, and action-packed version of Young World Club? Welcome to Young World Club 2.0!

What’s new?

Take this tour through the upgrades that will make your learning experience here a lot more fun and exciting.

Explorer Points

Earn Explorer Points for every widget/article you explore. Collect points as you navigate through the six sections of Young World Club – Think, Read, Do, Travel, Play and Change. Sounds easy, doesn't it?


Add more Explorer Points to your travel bag while testing your learning progress with our collection of challenging quizzes. Notice the ‘Quizzes’ tab at the top? That’s where these points-rich quizzes live! Try cracking them and collect points for every correct answer.


Yet another nifty way to collect Explorer Points is through contests. Visit the ‘Contests’ section through the button at the top, pick from the range of topics and submit your entries. Your entries will pass through our happy inspectors here, and once they’re ‘approved’, voila! It’s raining points!


Now, you may wonder why you need all these Explorer Points in the first place. Yes, they do give you a sense of satisfaction, but they also put you up on the magnificent new leaderboard that we've launched. It’s our very own hall of fame and your target is to go up to the top!

Click on the ‘Leaderboard’ icon that you may have noticed at the top of the site. Make it to the top of the leaderboard, and make sure you stay on top at the end of every month. While the overall leaderboard is the ultimate place to be, the monthly leaderboards (which are reset every month) give you a chance to start afresh at the beginning of every new month. Needless to say, exciting gifts await winners.

Before you go, remember that you can check out your own personal stats in your new and upgraded profile page.

That’s all, explorers! Are you ready to begin your journey? Welcome to Young World Club 2.0.


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