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  • Change

    The most Incredible contest


    9 Jun, 2018

    The Incredibles 2 releases on June 22. An exciting contest awaits you. Take part in this quiz to win cool and exclusive merchandise.

  • Do

    Monster Bookmark


    18 May, 2018

    Get crafty with this quirky bookmark that eats away your pages. Watch the video to learn how to make your own...

  • Play

    Football Fever


    15 Jun, 2018

    The FIFA World Cup has kicked off! Get to the thick of the action with these fascinating facts and interesting trivia.

  • Read

    Hiya Toots!


    8 Jun, 2018

    Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy! Donald Duck has turned 84 and there are so many things we still need to know about this quacker.

  • Think

    A Groovy Lamp


    6 Apr, 2018

    Combine fun with science and learn how to make a really cool lava lamp at home! Watch the video to learn how...

  • Travel

    Eyes on the Skies


    21 Apr, 2018

    From sunrise to sunset, moon dance to star shows... have you ever applaud the enchanting skies. Watch this video for a spectacular show...


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