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  • Change

    What is Young World Club 2.0?


    9 Dec, 2017

    Young World Club is now new, improved and action-packed! Find out what's in store in this exciting update...

  • Do

    Make Your Own Music


    24 Nov, 2017

    Let's make some music! Learn how to make your very own hand drum with handy material from around your home...

  • Play

    Get Served!


    12 Jan, 2018

    It's a wrap on the Australian Open 2018! Discover more about the first Grand Slam of the year with these cool facts...

  • Read

    The Winter Whirlwinds


    22 Dec, 2017

    The Winter Witch has hidden the Sun behind dark clouds. Who will save the town from the snow?

  • Think

    A Bolt from the Blue


    16 Feb, 2018

    Let's learn some facts about an awe-inspiring and spectacular natural phenomenon - lightning!

  • Travel

    Super Blue Blood Moon


    2 Feb, 2018

    On January 31, three rare phenomena created an amazing sight in the sky. Watch these videos to take a glimpse.


Young World Club, is a fun-filled education portal from The Hindu, packed with rich multimedia content to make learning exciting! Updated every week, Young World Club offers children new ways to learn, through its sections on Think, Read, Do, Travel, Play, and Change. Start as a scout, discover interesting photographs, slideshows, quizzes and videos, and you will soon be on your way to becoming an explorer!

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